Scarborough: Election Deniers Operate Outside The Constitutional Guardrails Of Our Politics & Undermine Our Democracy

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And you know, Willie, we find, and we need to be clear here because I find that people often conflate issues – they conflate the debate on abortion with election denialism. And I hear politicians, Democratic politicians do it all the time. Or conflate the debate over gun rights with election denialism, or conflate tax policy with election denialism. It’s two different things. People have been debating about Roe v. Wade since Roe v. Wade became law of the land in 1973, all right? That’s a debate that’s done between the guardrails of American politics, and it has been that way for 50 years. It’s the same thing with gun rights. That debate’s been going on for quite some time. It will continue to go on inside the guardrails – the constitutional guardrails of American politics. The difference between what we’re seeing in 2022 and what we saw before Donald Trump is that we actually have a lot of candidates now in Donald Trump’s Republican Party saying that they will not recognize the outcome of a democratic election unless their side wins. It is the undermining of American Democracy. Again, far different than a good faith debate that’s been going on in this country for half a century over abortion. 

WILLIE GEIST: And, in fact, it has become a prerequisite to win in the Republican Party, at least in a primary when you’re asked, ‘What do you think about 2020?’ They say, ‘Well,’ they may not say, ‘Donald trump won,’ but they’ll say, ‘There are a lot of questions, it’s important to have this conversation.’